Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Squeezing It All In

Whew! Last weekend was FULL of activity! By Sunday night, I could hardly move, and I was beat. Mike and I went up to Maine on Friday, and thankfully, didn't have to shovel in this week. He went out for a snowmobile ride on the local trails, but I managed to wimp out and stay home instead ;-).

Saturday morning, we started the day snowshoeing from the house. After an hour of that, we packed up and went over to Jackson, NH where we met up with my friend Becky at the Jackson Ski Touring Center. Despite a ski race just finishing, the trails were great, and not really very crowded as we climbed for two hours. Coming down was fun though ;-).

We rewarded the day's efforts with a great meal with good friends at Moat's in North Conway before getting BACK in the car to head home to MA. It was a long day.

Sometime overnight, it started to snow, thwarting any plans for a road ride on Sunday. Instead, Mike, Wayne, PK and I headed out on the MTBs despite the raging pain in my quads from Saturday's ski. It was tough going in the snow, and not being able to see the ice underneath the snow cover made it even more difficult. We did get to test the ice on Fawn Lake, and it was definitely ride able (in fact, Mike and I went back to Fawn Lake last night and shoveled off a section for skating - the biking was better than the skating).

I could barely move at all on Monday, given the exercise (and a tumble onto my hand)... Wonder what we'll do next weekend???

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claudia said...

Great pic of you and Becky! I hope your hand is OK.