Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Riding

Saturday's temps in Maine were a little warmer than Friday. It was -15.5 when we got up. Hey - that's 10 whole degrees!

Feeling unmotivated for any outdoor activities at least until things warmed up "some", we again headed out for some errands. Today it was to Maine Made Furniture in Rumford. We were after a couple of new side chairs for our dining room, and if we could find them, some new bar stools as well. Let me tell you - if you are looking for quality handmade furniture, at a reasonable price, you should definitely check this place out! In about a week, we should have two new cherry chairs and two new stools. I can hardly wait.

When we got back to the house, the temp had warmed up slightly, but not enough to motivate either of us for the skiing we had originally planned. Instead, we suited up and met our friend Rob for a local trail ride. The trails were in great shape, and we didn't see a lot of traffic (too cold). We headed from Bethel to Andover where we stopped for gas and lunch, and then back home for another 60 mile day.

With the forecast for today (Sunday) of snow in both Bedford and Bethel, we packed up the truck and headed home last night. Not sure yet what we will end up doing today, but with the temps up in the 30 degree range, anything is possible!


Alex said...

Do those things have heated handlebars (or whatever the things are called that you hold)? It seems like a rather chilly activity...

I was staying in Bethel too this weekend. It was cold.

Cathy said...

Yes - heated grips. I also have mittens that are rated to -80, and boots that are similarly rated. It wasn't too bad if you dressed right.

How was the skiing? We couldn't get motivated for that with the cold temps.

claudia said...

81 F in Maui today, in case you wanted to know.

Its delicious being evil sometimes.