Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Day Activities

The temp bottomed out, finally, at -28.8 on Friday morning. It was COLD. Given the temps, there was no way we were heading out for any skiing/snowmobiling/snowshoe activity quite that early, so we decided on some other errands instead. Thankfully, the truck started!

We drove over to Gorham, NH where we first stopped at VIP Auto to have some new tires put on Mike's truck. Back in October, I had taken the truck in for its annual inspection. The dealer (from whom we have purchased and serviced SEVEN cars), told me that the truck wouldn't pass inspection without 4 new tires. We checked, and the tires had some wear, but weren't down to the wear bars, and the truck DID pass inspection the same day at another garage. Needless to say, I was annoyed, and there will be no more dealings with our car dealer. We did, however, think that it was likely a good idea now to put on a better tire, so spent some of our cold morning at the shop.

Does it look as cold as it felt????

After the tires were mounted and balanced, we had to get some groceries, and went over to the local Walmart. Yes, I know Walmart is evil - heard it all before. But up north, there aren't a lot of options. In fact, the Shaws in Gorham is one of the New England stores that will be closing, leaving ONLY Walmart for groceries.

By the time we got home and had a quick bite to eat, the temp had risen to a balmy 5 degrees. We suited up, and went out on the local snowmobile trails for a ride. Conditions were GREAT, and it wasn't that cold if you were bundled up properly. We were out for about 3 hours, and covered a mere 54 miles - most of it the equivalent of MTB singletrack. There was some racing on the lake - let me tell you that 90 mph in 5 degree weather is pretty cold!

Later in the day we headed over to Suds Pub in town. We haven't been in there for quite a long time, but Joe (the bartender) and Joyce (the manager) welcomed us like long lost friends. Let me just finish by saying that too many margaritas at the end of a cold day, is NOT a good thing ;-).


Todd Rowell said...

I'm scared that the little pond or whatever was still not frozen at 5deg F. Was it running water or just horribly polluted?

Cathy said...

That's a running river, so doesn't ever completely freeze regardless of temps.